December 8, 2018 bestpaintingflorida

Special paintings to decorate your home

Painting in Florida city

In Painting Florida, our extensive experience allows us to offer special painting services, among which are semi-painted on walls, wood imitation painting, paint with rustic effects, sponge paintings, glazes (false stuccos), Venetian stuccos and effect marble, metallic or any type of paint with high decoration finishes. We can make all your wishes possible. Ask for a budget without commitment and start making your home a different and unique place.

One of our latest additions in special paint is OIKOS, they define themselves as the most important special decorative paint factory in the world, and it is true that it is a reference of technology, creativity, avant-garde, and quality that is recognized by practically all professionals of the sector who know it. Its products are water-based, ecologic and with total respect for the environment. Thanks to the wide variety of textures and colors that have the range of effects that can be obtained are almost infinite with velvety, gold, metallic, oxidized finishes.


Smooth paint is currently one of the most chosen options to paint interiors, we can choose between different finishes: temper, plastic, which vary depending on the degree of hardness and washability that we want to obtain.

Tempera paint has a matte finish with quite reduced color options, it is the cheapest and is not washable when rubbing with a damp cloth the paint goes away. Plastic paint has a matte or satin finish and the range of colors is much wider, depending on the quality of it is quite washable. Semi-matt with matt, satin or gloss finish, a very wide range of colors and perfectly washable with a damp cloth and soap, the finish is much harder than in the other two options therefore resistant to bumps, scratches

Smooth painting is one of the options most demanded by users, due to its versatility. With high-quality paint, a team of professionals with years of experience and a wide range of colors, all corners of your home, will be unique.