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Smooth paint is currently one of the most chosen options to paint interiors, we can choose between different finishes: temper, plastic, which vary depending on the degree of hardness and wash ability that we want to obtain.

Tempera paint has a matte finish with quite reduced color options, it is the cheapest and is not washable when rubbing with a damp cloth the paint goes away. Plastic paint has a matte or satin finish and the range of colors is much wider, depending on the quality of it is quite washable. Semi-Matt with Matt, satin or gloss finish, a very wide range of colors and perfectly washable with a damp cloth and soap, the finish is much harder than in the other two options therefore resistant to bumps, scratches

Smooth painting is one of the options most demanded by users, due to its versatility. With high-quality paint, a team of professionals with years of experience and a wide range of colors, all corners of your home, will be unique.



Our decorative vinyl offers a high durability, besides being very easy to install. They can be placed on various smooth surfaces: walls, cabinets, windows … They are removable so we can move them from one place to another easily and there is a wide variety of designs to choose from in addition to being able to tailor the vinyl you choose from a simple text up to photo murals.

We also have 3D vinyl, a modern and contemporary alternative that combines perfectly with other techniques, such as smooth painting. In Painting Florida, not only you can select the vinyl that you like, but also, our team will color it in a professional way.

Our 3D panels are a good option to change style quickly, easily and economically. Currently, wall stickers are the option that many families take to give a different or funny point to small corners of their home. It is an interesting option also for companies, offices, restaurants. as they allow highlighting certain areas with an air of elegance and distinction that will not go unnoticed by any visitor or customer.



Fire protection is the set of measures that are available in buildings to protect them against the action of fire. Best Painting Florida has the solution to any market requirement in this matter: in tumescent paint, fireproof panels, per-lite mortar, and vermiculite.

The in-tumescent paint is included within the passive systems of protection against fire, that is, this paint does not help to extinguish a fire but it slows the propagation of it to avoid possible major damages. By the composition of the same, in contact with fire, this paint produces a spongy layer that when extended and increase in size becomes an insulator of heat, slowing down the heating of the load-bearing structures of buildings (beams or pillars of iron, for example). This is achieved by increasing the time in which to perform the evacuation of the building without risk of collapse and the arrival of extinguishing services.

The fireproof plates are a mixture of gypsum with fiberglass and faces covered with sheets of cardboard, these plates are not combustible, their field of application is very extensive; dividing walls, beams, and structural pillars, protection of conduits and wiring …

The per-lite and vermiculite mortar is incombustible and very light in structure. The finish is rough white.

Depending on various factors (activity to be carried out, number of floors of the building, type of structure, distance to the fire station. we will be required a certain type of protection R15, R30, R60 …

Best Painting Florida at the end of the works issues and delivers to the client the corresponding Product Application Certificate together with the supplied certificate issued by the paint manufacturer. Protect everything you love most, from the hands of the best professionals. If you have a company or industrial warehouse, ask for a budget without commitment. We will be happy to help you.


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Any type of metallic structure or ferric material, in the presence of humidity and air, gradually loses its properties and deteriorates. Over time that deterioration becomes rust if this occurs continuously and not take appropriate measures leads to corrosion and total destruction of the element in question.

To avoid this, the structure must be protected, taking into account the properties of the structure and the environment ( humidity, temperature ) to which it is exposed.

The process to follow in the repair of a damaged structure is important to achieve an optimal and lasting result. It must start by cleaning by sandblasting, sandblasting or pickling to remove all traces of rust until the surface is completely clean, then an anti corrosive primer must be applied, this acts as a bridge between the structure and the paint of finishing as well as the protection of the structure to avoid rust. Once the primer layer is dry, the finishing paint can be applied, a good option is the polyurethane paint with very good performance and high layer thickness.

In Painting Florida we can offer you the solution, either in new construction or later. Paint against oxidation, usually applied in warehouses, shopping centers, public buildings, bus stations …

Do not neglect the metallic material of your facilities and ensure that no part of the building has a neglected appearance.


The progress of continuous pavements with resins of epoxy, polyurethane or methacrylate resins has given the possibility of including design as a presentation element when making and selecting the type of finish. The floors become part of the aesthetics of the whole, providing greater benefits in terms of strength and safety.

The resin market has given way to generate specific solutions to real problems within the industrialized sectors and can be incorporated into the floors as part of the corporate design.

The selection of the continuous pavement type depends essentially on three aspects: support, grease resistance needed and design.

The support greatly determines the type of finish and the choice of the method of work to be executed. The treatment to be applied on ceramic floors, concrete or on pavements of bituminous nature is not the same. On the other hand, the state of conservation and deterioration of the same will condition the type of mechanical treatment appropriate to obtain a better degree of finish.

The degree of resistance of a pavement is affected particularly by two basic concepts that are the degree of chemical and mechanical resistance. Both terms are closely cohesive. A resin floor should have a good performance in waterproofing (water, oil, grease or fuel), anti-dust effect (easy cleaning), good resistance to understanding and wear (scratches, impacts) and a good behavior related to the friction. The current requirements of the Technical Building Code greatly determine the nature of the pavement to establish in it a minimum to execute in terms of slippery criteria refers.

And finally, we have the design. This concept is what may have marked to a large extent the progress of the pavements. The high range of available colors, textures and types of finishes (smooth, rough, multicolored, decorative) provides a very powerful tool within the world of decoration in terms of interior design.

In our section of epoxy and polyurethane pavements in Painting Florida, you can see in more detail the different application systems and finishes that we execute.



Best Painting Florida specializes in laying PVC floors. The scope of this product is very extensive: individuals, nurseries and schools, hospitals, commerce, industry

PVC or vinyl floors are very resistant to scratches, bumps, humidity. its installation is quick and simple so it will not be necessary to undertake expensive or difficult works. The maintenance of these floors is very easy, just pass a damp cloth or mop.

The range of models on the market is very high; imitations of stone, wood, marble, wide range of colors and finishes, smooth, rough, non-slip

The floors of PVC are hygienic since they prevent the appearance or growth of bacteria and fungi, as well as the accumulation of mites, for this reason, they are ideal for nursery schools, laboratories, hospitals

Start enjoying original finishes, at the same time as professionals.


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